Sunday, February 26, 2012

What is the biggest drain on the economy? The private auto.

Productivity in Latin America: City limits | The Economist: "Along with land use, transport is the biggest headache facing city authorities. Vehicle ownership is likely to expand by 4% a year over the next 15 years, further clogging the streets. Curitiba stands out as an exception: 54% of journeys there are by public transport. The city’s pioneering bus rapid-transport system has been copied across the region—in Bogotá, Mexico City and Lima. In Bogotá the number of daily public-transport journeys is equal to 75% of the population, whereas in Santiago this number is only 50%.

More is needed. Experience in Europe and Asia shows that public authorities can increase the efficiency of goods distribution in cities by getting private firms to share their lorries. And although metros are expensive, the cost of not having them may soon be even greater."

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  1. What they don´t tell you: BRT - bus "RAPID" transit kills and hurts a lot of people - http://www.parana

  2. Agreed. This article was chosen to show that the Economist magazine recognizes that the private auto is killing economies. BRT is becoming popular in the USA because it is cheaper than rail. Our goal should be safe, clean, frequent, and fare-free transit. This requires commitment, not quick fixes.