Sunday, July 28, 2013

Toluca needs #publictransit
Although, in 2008, the government of Toluca, has announced intentions to build Metrobus lines, this project did not see the light of the world.

The carrier lobby knows absolute power. It opposes both the restructuring and road order. Imposes hikes rates, which become the highest in the country. It provides lousy service, uncontrollable and harmful to public health and safety. 80% of air pollution is caused by transportation.

Toluca is the second most polluted city, according to studies of PM10 concentration. This causes pulmonary emphysema and other diseases responsible for deaths by pollution.

We demand solution to this problem, because more than 14 000 deaths in Mexico.

THE road realignment is imposed. Let us begin to control a service as essential as public transport. Stop an environmental catastrophe.

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