Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fuel price, fertilizer price, exploitation, trade agreements, Colombia farmers strike.

Luis Acosta AFP/Getty Images
As Farmers' Strike Paralyzes Colombia, President Questions Its Existence - ABC News: "For the general public, the president’s account is confounding at best. The situation is far from being under control. Basic food prices have doubled in some towns and cities, and few if any transport trucks or commercial vehicles are running through some of the country’s busiest states. Thousands of tons of produce are rotting or are being thrown away in more than five states since truckers are afraid to drive around the country to deliver their orders.

...All in all, there are four major groups leading the strike: potato growers, coffee planters, and other farmers from the country’s interior; milk and dairy producers; truckers; and small-scale miners. Each group has its own grievances, most of which date back several months."

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