Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#Publictransit has reduced traffic injuries and fatalities 40% in Mexico City

Boom and bus: how public transport can curb road deaths as our cities grow | Claudia Adriazola | Global development | theguardian.com: "The magnitude of the challenges that cities face calls for new structural solutions. And some cities are making progress on that front. Embarq is working with officials in more than 50 cities across six countries to redesign streets and public spaces, give people better options for getting around, and improve mass transit systems. In Mexico City, for example, Embarq has supported the construction of almost 620 miles of BRT corridors. These transit systems have cut commuting times by nearly 12m hours annually, reduced traffic-related injuries and fatalities by roughly 40%, and eliminated more than 113,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year."

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